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Philadelphia Cream Cheese Nutrition Chart

Philadelphia Cream Cheese Nutrition Chart

Philadelphia cream cheese nutrition contains come nutrition that is actually needed by our body. For every 1 oz or 28 gram, the cream cheese is containing calories, fat, cholesterol, sodium, carbohydrate, protein, vitamin A, Calcium, and Iron. For every serving, this cream cheese has 15% of fat or 10 gram which contains of saturated fat as much as 6 gram.

Philadelphia cream cheese nutrition facts show that for the cholesterol, it is found that there is 10% of cholesterol or as much 30mg. the carbohydrate contained is only 0.5 gram, Sodium is as much 110mg, and protein is only 2 gram. Vitamin A containing in cream cheese is high enough which is 6% while the Calcium and Iron are only2% for each.

Philadelphia Cream Cheese Nutrition Advice

This Philadelphia cream cheese nutrition list can be your guardian as it can help you to control your calorie intake. The calorie inside this cream cheese is kind of high so you have to be careful in consuming cream cheese. Some people also use this cream cheese as the substitution for butter. For some people who do diet, the consumption of cream cheese should be proper.

Philadelphia cream cheese nutrition can be arranged to get a better meal. Cream cheese can also be a healthier way for dieting. The calorie and fat containing in cream cheese will be affected by the choice of the brand. This Philadelphia is one of the most favorite cream cheese that already give you guide for serving. It helps you to know the right amount of cream cheese to consume.

Philadelphia Cream Cheese Nutrition for Health

Philadelphia Cream Cheese Nutrition for Health

Philadelphia cream cheese nutrition chart will show you some nutrition like carbohydrate, calorie, fat, protein, and some micronutrients. Some people said that cream cheese is highly nutrition food because it contains lower fat. However, this is sometimes not a good choice. You can compare the calorie and fat inside the cream cheese and butter. The lower calorie and fat is containing in cream cheese. But when you compare the cream cheese both whipped cream and the block cream cheese, it will show that the block or bar cream cheese will contain higher calorie and fat.

To get a better nutrition, you need to consider few things. For example how much you take the cream cheese on your daily meal base like when you put it on your bread. You can decrease the amount of cream cheese you take. It will result in consuming lower calorie and fat in your body.  Next thing you need to consider is kind of cream cheese that you use. If you want to get low calorie and fat, you can choose the whipped cream or whipped butter. You can cut down your calorie intake as well as the fat.

The choice of where you put the cream cheese will also be matter. When you put the cream cheese as toping for your toast or bagel, you have to put it on the top of the bread. It will give more empty space that will allow you to get empty calorie.  Philadelphia cream cheese nutrition can you get from the combination with whole grain bread instead. 

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