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Honey Nut Cheerios Nutrition Fact: Taste and Nutrition

Honey Nut Cheerios Nutrition Fact: Taste and Nutrition

Honey nut cheerios nutrition is a very well known cereal brands in the world. This is the latest variations of the very popular oat O. It has some very special ingredients that make this cereal is very unique and more than the old variation. But the most wanted cereal of Honey Nut Cheerios is the Medley Crunch. This is the combination of cluster, almond slices, and also grain flakes. This Cheerios is the most tasteful and it has more taste to choose.

The Taste and Texture Honey Nut Cheerios Nutrition

Honey bunches of oats nutrition has some variations such as Dulce de Leche, cinnamon burst, chocolate, and also peanut butter. The truly taste of honey nut including inside this Cheerios is very great and it is very sticking. The sweet taste of this cheerios will really delightful combining with the clusters and flakes. The taste is so pleased and also delightful.

Honey nut cheerios nutrition also has beyond the box texture. This cheerios is really special comparing to the common cheerios or cereal. The cereal has a very crunchy taste and texture. The conventional cereal with the milk will give a limp texture that is really standout. This cereal will be more than a snack food because the combination of flakes and clusters will be more delicious.

The crunchy texture of this Cheerios is not only standout and unique, this texture is giving a very comfort feel when eating cereal. You can mix this cheerios with another cereal if you like mixing your breakfast and creating your own taste.

Honey Nut Cheerios Nutrition Facts

honey nut cheerios nutrition factsHoney nut cheerios has its own nutrition for the consumers so that they can get ready for the day. Here are we will give you the honey nut cheerios nutrition label that can help you to know the nutrition inside this cereal. When you see the back side of your cereal, you may wonder how to read a nutrition label in this box. Generally you will find the note of nutrition list like the fat, calories, protein and vitamin.

Inside this box, you will see that every serving or one cup of honey nut cheerios will contain 110 calories. It also has 1.5 gram of total fat which is 2% for everyday and 22 gram of carbohydrate or as much as 7%. This cereal does not contain any cholesterol that`s why it is safe for adults and even the elder. It has sodium for about 160mg or 7% and Potassium as much 115mg. For a diabetes person, be aware because this cereal contains sugar as much as 2 gram.  For every vitamin A, C, and also Calcium, this cereal contains 10% for each.

Without seeing on the box, you can`t spell nutrition without nut because it gives more nutrition for the cereal. For the common view, the nutrition is just same as the other cereal. It should have some improvements in the nutrition or even the variety. Honey nut cheerios nutrition can still be the best choice for kids and adults as the source of nutrition in the morning.

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