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Best Cut Out Sugar Cookie Recipe

Best Cut Out Sugar Cookie Recipe

One of the best things happen in the world for some people might be sweet food. Some people search for cute things when they are sad because it can increase their mood. The sugar cookie is one of the lovely things that can be eaten when you are sad because it contains sugar that can increase spirit. As the name implies, the sugar cookie is a biscuit made from sugar, flour, eggs, vanilla, and baking powder. Then, how the best cut out sugar cookie recipe?

You can find sugar cookie when it is Christmas. It has so many cute shapes which can attract children to eat it. It shapes Christmas tree, stars, and gloves. However, do you the story behind the sugar cookie? Sugar cookie was known when back in the 1700s, there were German Protestant settlers made the crumbly, round and buttery cookie and it named as Nazareth Cookie. It then was adopted by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and had so many shapes. 

However, in a modern time, sugar cookie can be a dessert to accompany people when they have tea time with colleagues, friends, family, or even tea time by themselves only. If back then sugar cookie shapes round and does not have any decoration on top of the cookie, nowadays sugar cookie has the cutest form of all cookies exist. They shape based on a cartoon or follow the theme occasion such as Christmas or holiday.

The sugar cookie is an inexpensive dessert and simple to make. There are also home industries that also produce sugar cookie as their small business because of the simple and affordable to start, which is why this article will help you in learning how to make the best cut out sugar cookie so you can try it yourselves at home or even can start the business after successfully making it.

How to cook the Best Cut Out Sugar Cookie

Before you start making the sugar cookie, you need to prepare the ingredients first. Here are the elements:

200 gram of unsalted butter
250 gram of flour
150 gram of sugar powder
One egg
Two vanilla bars
½ teaspoon of baking powder

The ingredients for royal icing:

One white egg
300 gram of sugar powder
Two teaspoons of lemon
Food colouring. Colour as you prefer


After preparing the ingredients, you can start making the sugar cookie. Here are the steps:

First of all, develop a big bowl, put the unsalted butter and sugar powder, then mix it evenly.

After that, add the egg and the scrapped vanilla bars. Combine and remix it.

Then, add the 250 gram of flour by sifting it into the big bowl. Stir with rubber spatula until it is well mixed.

Roll out the batter as thin as you want, but you can make it to 0,5 cm as the preference. Then, you can mould it with the cookie cutter.

Take the baking sheet then rub the surface using butter. Put the cookies that already being mould on the baking sheet after that stack them neatly.

Bake it in a hot oven 130 celsius. It needs about 25 minutes until it is baked. If it is done, you can take it carefully and let it cool.

While waiting for the cookie to cool, you can start making the royal icing. Here are the steps:

Mix the white egg using mixer until it is fluffy. After that add the sugar powder gradually and mix again until it is dense. Another tip to do, before combining the sugar powder, you can stir it slowly to avoid the sugar powder flying around. After that, you can use a mixer to beat it.

Pour the lemon juice and beat evenly. Then split the batter into 2 or 3 whatever you want. After that, you can add colour to the dough based on your preference. But for this recipe, red and yellow are chosen to decorate the cookies.

Decorate the cookies using the colourful batter.

So, the best cut out sugar cookies is ready to serve!

Those are the explanation of making the best cut out sugar cookie recipe. Unlike any other dessert, the sugar cookie is kind of cookies which are both easy to find and easy to make. Moreover, it can fit in any situation. Sugar cookies can be eaten when you have tea time, snack to give to the children when it is Christmas, meals at home or for any other occasions. For some people who want to make sugar cookie but do not want to spend all their day making it, you can freeze it in the refrigerator and take it when you want to bake it.

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