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Best Tuna Salad Recipe in the World

Best Tuna Salad Recipe in the World

The salad is one of the foods chosen when people need to eat healthy food. The salad has 2 kinds of types which are vegetables and fruit. Fruit salad usually consists of strawberry, apple, pear, watermelon, pineapple, dragon fruit, kiwi, grapes, and melon. They also put nata de coco, jelly, and cheese as the additional ingredients to make the salad more delicious. For the dressing, it usually uses mayonnaise as the essential ingredients. Then they mix it with yoghurt or milk, lemon juice, and honey. 

Meanwhile, for vegetable salad, it initially consists of lettuce, cucumber, scallions, carrot, tomato, corn, onions, potato, and cabbage. As to make it more complete and delicious, it is also added grilled chicken breast to the salad. For the vegetable salad, the dressing usually has any type. For example, dressings that you can make on your own are sauce thousand islands, sesame-ginger dressing, vinaigrette dressing, honey mustard dressing, mango lime dressing, and soy dressing. However, the primary dressing for the vegetable salad is mayonnaise. 

Another great menu mixing with salad is tuna salad. Tuna salad is a healthy food made from vegetables and tuna mixing with mayonnaise. You can enjoy it by eating after the ingredients are mixed or combine it with bread and make it a sandwich. Tuna salad is a natural food to make at home because of the elements which are easy to find and available at home. For those who want to make tuna salad and do not know how to make it, this article will give you the best tuna salad recipe in the world and how to make it so you can try this at home. 

The Benefits of Eating Tuna

Before we go to the direction and ingredients of the best tuna salad recipe in the world, it would be better if you learn the benefits of eating tuna. Tuna has so many benefits which we should not just forget. Here are the benefits of eating tuna: 

  1. The source of complete protein

    Tuna contains total protein that is needed for our body. One of the functions of protein is a shield for our body to avoid getting attacked by the virus. Protein helps the antibody cell in detecting and circling the antigen which is virus and bacteria so that they will remain locked up until the white blood cells exterminate them. Others proper function of the protein are forming hormones, forming enzyme, establishing antibody, and keeping the muscle tissue. 
  1. Make the heart healthier because it has good fats

    Tuna has low saturated fat, and one of the effects of consuming much-saturated fat is clogging the blood vessels and high risking in cardiovascular disease. That is why tuna is useful for making your heart healthier. It also contains omega-3 fats type EPA and DHA which can prevent the inflammation in the human body. Inflammation can cause damage to blood vessels, heart diseases, and stroke. Another useful function of omega-3 fats type EPA and DHA is that it can reduce triglyceride levels, reduce the blood pressure slightly. 
  1. Contains B6 Vitamin

    Tuna contains B6 vitamin which can help in producing haemoglobin. For your information, haemoglobin has a function to catch and carry oxygen inside the blood to all the body tissue that need oxygen. Without supplying from oxygen, it is more likely that the purpose of the body tissue will decrease, cause human feeling weak, and get tired quickly. 

How to Make Best Tuna Salad Recipe in the World

The benefits of eating tuna

Before you start making the dish, you need to prepare the ingredients first.

The ingredients:

  1. 12 ounce of dried, canned tuna
  2. 4 ounce of green chilli
  3. 1 cup of mayonnaise
  4. Two teaspoons of green paprika minced
  5. Two cloves of garlic minced
  6. 1/2 teaspoon of Salt
  7. 1/4 teaspoon of pepper
  8. 1/2 cup of celery chopped
  9. Two tablespoons of lemon juice
  10. Two tablespoons of red onion minced
  11. 1/2 glass of shredded cheese
  12. 12 slices of sandwich bread 

After all the ingredients are ready, you can start making the tuna salad.


1. First of all, you need to take the tuna first from the can and then empty the brine. You can drain it by taking out the lid and holding it on the sink.

2. Next, prepare a medium bowl, then add the tuna

3. Moreover, then add green chilli, green paprika, garlic, celery, and onion.

4. After that, combine it all using spatula.

After the tuna is done, you can start making the sauce

1. Prepare a small bowl and add the sauce ingredients which are mayonnaise, two tablespoons of lemon juice, 1/2 teaspoons of salt, 1/4 teaspoon of pepper, and the last 1/2 glass of shredded cheese. Combine it all.

2. If you are done making the sauce, you can pour them to the medium bowl evenly.

3. If you prefer to make it spicy, you can add chilli pepper more.

4. Before you serve the tuna salad, it is better if you refrigerate it for about an hour to taste better

5. Serve it with vegetables such as lettuce and make it like a bed then put the tuna salad on top.

6. Another way to enjoy the tuna salad is by serving it with bread and make it a sandwich.

7. So the tuna salad is ready to serve! 

Tips Making Tuna Salad for Diet People

Tuna salad is indeed a healthy food. However, for diet people, there are some ingredients that they need to avoid because it contains fat. Here are the tips for diet people to enjoy the best tuna salad without even worrying about weight: 

1. Cut out the mayonnaise

We all know that mayonnaise contains fat. In 100 gram of mayonnaise, contains 75 gram of fat which consists of 12 gram of saturated fat, 45 gram of polyunsaturated fats, 17 gram of monosaturated fats, and 0,2 gram of hydrogenated fat. Saturated fat is the type of fats which is hard for the body to digest it. That is why saturated fats can cause the increase of cholesterol in the human body. It is not good since one of the reasons why people need to diet is that the cholesterol level in their body is high and need to decrease it. 

Therefore, cutting out mayonnaise in tuna salad is a thing to do for diet people. If you are including one of those people, you can switch mayonnaise to plain yoghurt. Yoghurt has fewer fats compare to mayonnaise. In 100 gram of yoghurt, contains 0,4 gram of fats which consist of 0,1 gram of saturated fats, 0 gram of polyunsaturated fats, 0,1 gram of monosaturated fats, and 0 gram of hydrogenated fats. So it is safe for diet people to eat tuna salad with yoghurt because it does not contain fats as much as when it uses mayonnaise as the dressing. 

2. Add more lemon juice

Adding more lemon juice might be the other choice for you when you are on a diet. Lemon is a less calorie fruit which means consuming lemon juice will not make any calorie pile up in your body. It also contains less cholesterol and free saturated fats. That means lemon juice will resolve your accumulation of soggy fats problem. Lemon also helps in detoxing intestine. 

The intestine cannot detox the waste or food leftovers inside it by itself and lemon helps it to clean up. For additional information, in 100 gram of lemon, it contains only 0,3 gram of total fat with the details 0 gram of saturated fats, 0,1 gram of polyunsaturated, and 0 gram of monosaturated fats. It also contains 0 mg of cholesterol. Which is why lemon juice is good for diet people. 

3. Making green bed and chopping herbs

These tips can also be done for you to make the best tuna salad diet in the world. Eating more vegetables can decrease cholesterol since it contains fibre. Moreover, salad usually uses raw vegetables to be added in the bowl, so the content of grain is higher than the cooked ones. It also helps you avoid constipation. One of the reasons why the illness happens it is because people usually has less fibre in their body. So adding vegetables also can be the other option for the diet tuna salad.

Those are the ingredients and the directions on how to make the best tuna salad recipe in the world. You can try making tuna salad at your home since it is effortless to make and the ingredients are not hard to find. Tuna salad can also be a good choice for you if you are on a diet because tuna contains good fats which will not cause any harm to your body. However, you can switch the mayonnaise too, or any other option suggested if you are on a diet.

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